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Changes of use

Changes of use fall under the definition of development, requiring planning permission where this change of use is material. In some instances a simpler Prior Notification Application may be all that is required. The team at SJM Planning can advise you on the best route forward for your proposals.

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Commercial Development

If you are looking to expand your business either through new premises which may require a change of use or by extending your existing premises we can provide you with our expertise and experience. We understand the importance of functional design and work to our clients needs whilst ensuring compliance with local policies.

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Equestrian Development

Equestrian activity is one of the largest contributors to the rural economy in the uK. Equally, there is a growing demand for private equine facilities within or adjacent to applicants properties. Here at SJM Planning we possess the knowledge and commercial links to both advise and realise such development opportunities. Care must be taken on sites which are within the Green Belt and AONB, regardless of whether they are private or commercial.

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Discharge / Variation of Planning conditions

Buildings constantly evolve over time, however works to listed buildings nearly always require consent. Carrying out unauthorised works to a listed building is a criminal offence and therefore we recommend early discussions to establish whether your proposals are likely to obtain consent. SJM Planning have excellent links with specialist heritage consultants and architects as well as Council conservation officers. These links enable the team to provide you with the right heritage advice to provide you with the consent you need. Past projects largely relate to extensions to listed buildings both residential and commercial. Our role is to ensure your scheme complies with local policies whilst celebrating the historical and architectural importance of your building.

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Permitted Development & Prior Notification Applications

In recent years Government have continued to extend permitted development rights to assist home-owners to extend their properties. This essentially means that if you comply with a set criteria you do not require planning permission. The process has also been simplified ensuring home-owners get swift results. SJM Planning can quickly ascertain whether your proposals benefit from permitted development rights and we have a 100% success rate in achieving consent. This service can be particularly useful for those looking at purchasing a new property and need advice on the best route to making future home improvements. The team are experienced at submitting Lawful Development Certificates and Prior Approval Applications depending on the aspirations of the client.

Over the past couple of years Government have extended the Prior Notification process which amongst other things allows for the conversion of office and agricultural buildings to residential use. Proposals are assessed against a set criteria and subject to compliance, prior approval can be granted. This generally speeds up the planning process as LPAs only have 56 days to determine the application. Provision of affordable housing on schemes such as this is not required, improving the proposals viability. Please visit our projects page for examples of what can be achieved through this type of application.

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Replacement & New Dwellings

More often than not replacing your home is acceptable in principle. In these cases our skill is achieving the right home for you. In urban areas key issues will include impact on adjoining properties and character of the street scene. In rural areas key issues will include Green Belt policies and impact on landscape designations such as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). Our projects page provides some example schemes. Please contact us to discuss how we can realise your projects potential.

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Residential Conversions

Buildings can often be converted to residential dwellings either under Local Policies or through permitted development. SJM Planning have extensive experience in this sector and past projects have included conversions of rural, commercial and office buildings. If you have aspirations to convert and existing building to provide a new home please get in touch with the team.

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Residential Extensions & Alterations

A large proportion of our projects (over 50 in the last two years) are clients who wish to alter or extend their home. We have a 95% success rate of obtaining planning permission for our clients, demonstrating our extensive knowledge of the various planning policies across the LPAs. Clients need to bear in mind that extensions must be designed to take into account its impact on adjoining amenity and local character. Our role in the project is to balance the needs of the client against local policies.

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Rural Development / Diversification

SJM Planning is a member of the National Rural Business Forum (NRBF) and has long established rural links. SJM undertakes a growing number of projects within the rural sector and you can also find us on 'The Farming Forum'. Our experience includes new agricultural buildings, farm diversification strategies and permitted development advice. First hand experience comes in the form of George Bryant, our associate who lives on and runs his family smallholding in West Wales.

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