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Amendments to existing approvals

If you already have planning permission and are not satisfied with aspects of the approved drawings SJM Planning can negotiate amendments with the LPA on your behalf. This may include non-material or minor material amendments. We recommend you always seek advice before deviating from the approved drawings.

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Certificates of Lawfulness

These come in handy when selling your property and apply to developments which comply with permitted development rights. Additionally if a structure has been in place for more than four years or if a change of use has been continuous for a period of more than 10 years planning permission is no longer required. A certificate of lawfulness can be applied for to have this confirmed by the LPA. SJM Planning have the experience to advise clients whether a certificate can be applied for and what evidence is needed to put forward a robust case. Get in touch if you would like the team to assess whether a Certificate of Lawfulness is the appropriate application for you.

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Development Projects

Are you a developer? SJM Planning has a wide range of experience over the last 12 years dealing with developers of varying scales and requirements. We have undertaken projects in both the Residential and Commercial sectors with a great deal of success. Contact us as SJM Planning to see if we can help realise the true potential of your development sites.

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Discharge / Variation of Planning conditions

Planning Conditions are placed on permissions and may be 'pre-commencement' ie before the implementation of a permission or required to be complied with in perpetuity. SJM Planning can assist a client to discharge a condition, which will normally involve the submission additional information to the LPA. Furthermore, the team can apply to remove or vary a condition for example requirement for a garage to be used for parking of vehicles or opening hours on a restaurant.

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Landscape Architecture & Ecology

With larger scale projects, we as consultants are often required to assess and mitigate the impact of development on the local and rural landscape. Here at SJM Planning, we have long-stablished links with a variety of Landscape and Ecology consultants across the South East who can advise and where necessary, design improvements to a scheme to help secure planning permission. This is one example of how SJM Planning can provide you with the complete package of information which may be required for any project.

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Legal Agreements

Legal Agreements and Unilateral Undertakings are required under Section 106 of the TCPA 1990, and can be required for all sizes of development, which can range from the requirement to retain a parking space, through to substantial affordable housing and financial contributions. SJM Planning possess the experience and know-how to advise clients of potential risks prior to submitting an application, as well as negotiating with LPA’s on the scope and content of agreements where they become necessary.

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Objections & 3rd Party Representations

If a planning application has been submitting that may affect your property or land, SJM Planning are in the position to object on your behalf or alternatively provide you with a summary of the material considerations that you can use to object. As part of this service we will review the proposals and advise you on the best route to making your objection. Alternatively we can act on your behalf to liaise with the relevant applicant in order to seek amendments which will suit the needs of both parties. The team are well versed at attending and speaking at planning committees and are happy to make representations on your behalf.

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Planning Appeals

If your scheme has recently been refused SJM Planning can work on your behalf to appeal the Councils decision. First however we will review your proposals and advise on your changes of success on appeal. A more appropriate route may be to amend your scheme and resubmit to the LPA. In the instance where an appeal is the best route, SJM will submit your appeal and represent you throughout the process. Having appeals experience from both sides of the fence, SJM are well placed to take on your appeal.

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Planning Drawings & Building Regulations

At SJM Planning we have wide range of resources and architects which can be called upon to work in conjunction with us depending on the complexity of the proposal. We have an in-house design team who can respond to a client’s brief to prepare fully compliant planning and building regulations drawings in as short a time as possible. Our rates are highly competitive, and the work undertaken in the last 4 years has, in the main, come from repeat business or recommendation from past clients. We will suggest improvements to a design if we foresee a problem at an early stage. We are also mindful of the requirements to fulfil planning policies and will respond according to local plan policies and design guides where necessary.

Planning Enforcement Issues Icon

Planning Enforcement Issues

Councils can take enforcement action when development is carried out without planning permission providing it is in the public interest to do so. We would always advise clients to seek advice before commencing any development. If however you have been contacted by an Planning Enforcement Officer or been issued with an Enforcement Notice the team are well experienced to negotiate with the Council on your behalf or appeal.

Pre application Advice Icon

Pre application Advice

For those looking to obtain informal advice from the LPA prior to preparing a planning application, SJM Planning can submit a Pre Application Enquiry on your behalf. Whilst this will usually extends the time taken to achieve permission it can often provide a early indication of the LPAs view of your proposals and negotiations will assist in the preparation of a clients final proposals. In our experience pre-application enquiries improve the likelihood of achieving a permission.

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Site Appraisals

The team are happy to provide you with a site appraisal if you are looking at potentially purchasing a property or piece of land. We can provide you with a detailed appraisal of your sites potential giving you an indication as to what form of development may be acceptable and if so the best approach to achieving consent. Costs for this advice will depend on the level of detail you require.

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